Unique Barbers, Cigars, Hairstyling & Make up at every location.

Festivals, food trucks, company/bachelorette parties and much more.

H@ir & Zo has the opportunity to take care of this in a special way, entire decoration, chic, tough, classic, we are also open to our own ideas.

From a minimum of 6 people this can be booked for the quotation or more information mail to info@hairzo.nl and we will contact you.


Beard Pride is a family business that stands for beard care from natural products. Beardpride does not use artificial ingredients or perfume. Instead, they opt for essential oils and aromas. Every product is handmade with love. Beardpride's natural products consist of an extensive collection of Beard Oils, Beard Balm, Beard Wax, Tropic Butter and Shaving Oil.

The Hague june 2019

Nunspeet mei 2019

Amsterdam 2017

Zolder (Belgium) september 2019

Arnhem 2018

Radio Kootwijk june 2019

2017 till now